Firebee Raw Honey

$22.00 USD

Firebee Raw Honey comes straight from the hive to your home with minimal filtering to retain all of the taste and healthy properties found in honey. 

Most commercially processed honey is heated to 180° and pressure filtered to 10-15 microns. This removes the healthy pollen, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that naturally occurs in raw honey.

Firebee Honey is gently warmed to less than 120° to minimize heat damage and is gravity strained to 400 microns to preserve the many health benefits of natural, raw honey.

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Paleo Friendly; Excellent source of antioxidants.

Contains no artificial sugar or preservatives.

Made using raw honey from Midwestern Honey Bees; Handmade in Kansas.

19 oz premium glass moonshine bottle.