Asian Reds Pepper Flakes

$10.00 USD

Announcing a new pepper flake blend, Asian Reds! It's a collection of Red Peppers from across the Asian continent, primarily featuring the Korean Gochugaru chile pepper, then Thai Chile, Tien Tsin and Ghost Pepper was added to increase the depth of flavor and heat.

Korean Gochugaru (GO-choo-GAH-roo) has such a dynamic and balanced flavor profile, it smells sweet with a subtle fruitiness but tastes savory, it's most commonly known to spice up Kimchi.

Perfect addition to your next stir-fry, fried rice, Bulgogi BBQ, or Pad Thai. 

Scoville Rating: 70k.

Earth Kosher Certified - Gluten Free - Non-GMO 

2.3 oz.