Ben Gitty's 3-string Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Vol 2

$14.00 USD

Grab your cigar box guitar and get picking, with this treasure trove of 53 different tablature arrangements of 35 beloved, well-known songs! This songbook includes 5 pages of "how-to-play" information, making it easier than ever to start playing songs on your 3-string Open G GDG cigar box guitar. This 60-page song book was designed and printed at C. B. Gitty, with all tablature arranged by Ben "Gitty" Baker from amongst some of his favorite songs. Many of the songs include both "basic melody" and "melody + chords" versions, so you can master the basic song before moving onto more advanced versions. We also include the chord names (and chord forms) with each song for strumming along, as well as the song's lyrics, additional verses, and more!