Cigar Box Guitar - The Steampunker

$250.00 USD

From the 19th century onwards, authors like Jules Verne, H. G. Wells and K. W. Jeter brought us adventures in a genre now known as Steampunk. Fusing Victorian Era sensibilities with mechanical wonders, Steampunk is a unique and lasting setting that captivates the imagination with fantastic retro Machines.

To the sturdy frame (tone-rich wooden cigar box, hardwood neck & fretboard, solid tried-and-true hardware), beautiful, full-color artwork is added, uniquely vivifying the instrument and drawing the eye of all who see it.

This handcrafted guitar has a full, rich acoustic tone (and a built-in contact pickup, if you want to amplify it), a nice high ringing treble voice, and is simply a joy to play. Best of all is the affordable price on this hand-crafted-in-the-USA piece of musical art.


Number of Strings: 3
Tuning: Open G "GDG" (high treble folk/country variety)
Scale Length: 23 inches (Tenor guitar)
Fretting Style: Chromatic
Pickup Style: Contact (piezo) direct-wired to Jack
Neck and Fretboard: Hardwood