Mouse Rug - Yellowstone Old Faithful

$22.95 USD

Old Faithful gets its name for being the most active geyser in Yellowstone National Park. It’s so active in fact, park rangers can predict when it will erupt next. Visitors to the park are almost guaranteed to see an eruption if they spend any time near the geyser, as it erupts about 20 times per day! Inspired by the geyser and its relentless activity, Anderson Design Group's illustrators created this old, turn-of-the-century vintage poster art. This illustration shows the impressive eruption of the geyser and the sheer height of its output.

Let this Mouse Rug spruce up your home office!

Made in the USA

Mouse Rug® dimensions - approximate finished size: 7.125" x 10.25" (including fringe) and 0.16" thick