Multi-Species BaitCloud Tube

$13.50 USD

BaitCloud is the original multi-sensory fish attractant.

By using science and innovation to mimic nature, it has been engineered as a multi-sensory product to trigger the instinctive feeding and hunting behaviors in sportfishing. 

This multi-species formula uses shad scent. Shad are schooling baitfish that are a critical food source and are key to ensuring healthy populations of sportfishing. Preferred forage for a broad range of gamefish, the balls are consumed in the attraction process.

A hole through the middle makes fastening the ball to your line easy.

Earth-friendly & Bio-degradable Ingredients - BaitCloud has been formulated with 100% food-grade, natural ingredients to ensure it is not harmful to any aquatic life. There is no package to dissolve in the water or become waste or litter.

Expect to get attraction qualities for about an hour for each application, and are designed to disintegrate over a controlled period.

Made in the USA.