Sandalwood Beard Comb

$16.00 USD

This comb is made of sandalwood and smells amazing! Why sandalwood for beard combs? Aside from the wood's smooth, sweet notes and subtle smokiness, the denseness of sandalwood acts as a natural massager. Regularly using a sandalwood comb can strengthen hair follicles, encouraging beard growth by stimulating blood flow to the face. Even better, as sandalwood is absorbent, it helps evenly distribute oils across all strands. Compare that to a cheap, plastic comb that's mass-produced in a factory. The teeth on these combs are often uneven, resulting in pulled beard hairs, aggravated hair follicles, and even ingrown hairs. Further, plastic is not absorbent, making even oil distribution impossible, and can collect static electricity, which can result in an unexpected shock.