Bawson & Tucker Cologne Oil - Aroostook

$20.00 USD

You’re the wild man that is not ordinarily tame or domesticated. You’re the mighty man that is powerful and ready to take on the world. You’re the free man that is always up to explore. Aroostook is the fragrance that is sophisticated, yet unrestrained for the adventurous man. Imagine the fresh smells of a winding river with touches of sweet citrus & woody tones of bergamot & patchouli.

Super concentrated but subtle fragrance

Unique Roll-on applicator to target pulse points (typically at neck and wrist)

Phthalate, Paraben, Alcohol & Cruelty Free Fragrance

Proudly made in Florence, Alabama

15 ML of High Quality Fragrance

Packaged in a recyclable Roller bottle applicator

Ingredients: Pure Sweet Almond Oil and Fragrance oil