Build It Yourself - Tin Can Microphone Kit

$31.50 USD

Build your own real working microphone!  Sounds like a vintage AM radio - perfect for vocals and harmonica.  These simple kits are great for ages 12+ and deliver an incredible sound. 

  • No soldering needed
  • Featuring our special system of "tuning balls" that enable you to adjust the tonal quality of the mic.
  • Includes decorative sticker made to look like a mesh screen, to put on the top of your mic to give it that old-time look. (No actual screen/mesh is needed - the can top serves as the vibrating membrane for this microphone).
  • Plugs into a guitar amp or PA system with a quarter inch cable (not included)
  • Developed by Shane Speal and tested on the concert stage and recording studio with his Snake Oil Band.

Tools needed to build this kit:

  •  Hand drill
  •  Hot glue gun or tube of super glue
  •  Drill bits:  1/16” & 3/8” bits
  •  Adjustable wrench