Cigar Box Guitar - The Fire Chief

$215.00 USD

The origin of cigar box guitars can be traced back all the way back to 1840. Cigar box guitars rose to prominence in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Due to its small size and widespread availability, the cigar box guitar made for the perfect low-cost, DIY instrument. Now, C.B. Gitty brings you beautiful, modern day cigar box guitars featuring full-color artwork and tone-rich cigar box wood. This handcrafted guitar has a full, rich acoustic tone and a built-in contact pickup if you want to amplify your sound.


Illustration/Design: "Fire Chief"

Number of Strings: 3

Tuning: Open G "GDG" (high treble folk/country variety)

Scale Length: 23 inches (Tenor guitar)

Fretting Style: Chromatic

Pickup Style: Contact (piezo) direct-wired to Jack

Neck and Fretboard: Hardwood (Poplar)