Dr. Squatch Game of Thrones Collection

$29.00 USD

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle with the new briccs in the Dr. Squatch and Game of Thrones collection.

This fantastical trio features three new bar soaps housed in a Custom Collector's Box, inspired by the epic quest for power and the fearsome dragons of Westeros.

THOUSAND SWORD SCRUB - SMELLS LIKE: Ruler of Westeros - Medium Grit

This medium grit bar features Black Volcanic Sand and a bold, confidence-inspiring scent with notes of bergamot, citrus and cedar - 5 oz.

DROGON'S BLAZE - SMELLS LIKE: The Living - Heavy Grit

Drogon's Blaze features a warm, spicy scent with notes of cinnamon, red peppercorn and amber. Featuring a fierce fusion of ingredients like Pumice and Amber, this heavy grit bar will leave you feeling ready to dominate any foe - 5 oz.

VISERION'S FREEZE - SMELLS LIKE: White Walkers - Zero Grit

Inspired by the dragon of the White Walkers, the icy mint scent features notes of juniper and pine for a brisk, invigorating lather. Infused with Menthol Crystals, this cooling lather will energize you for your journey into the Long Night - 5 oz.