Hoff's Haus Sauce

$12.00 USD

Featured on season 16 of Hot Ones, Haus Sauce is a German inspired hot sauce with a nod to Hoff’s heritage. This newest creation is handmade with dill, clover honey, and black mustard seed for a flavor profile that is sure to please all your senses. Drizzle Haus Sauce over a soft pretzel or pour it on your favorite sausages for the ultimate experience.

Ingredients: Chiles (Red Jalapeño, Habanero, Chipotle) Vinegar, Clover Honey, Salt, Garlic, Black Mustard Seed, Dill, and Spices Suggested

Pairings: Sausages, Pretzels, Hot Dogs, Salads & Subs, Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Cheeseburgers, and more!

  • Handmade with farm-fresh, Tennessee peppers
  • Balanced heat level that compliments your food with a full flavor profile
  • Perfectly pairs with just about anything you put mustard on
    • Made with premium ingredients like clover honey and black mustard seed
  • Featured on season 16 of the hit YouTube series "Hot Ones"

Shelf Life: Refrigeration recommended but not required. Best if used within 3 years.